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Teluk Jailolo Festival is an annual event held by the Tourism Department of West Halmahera for the purpose of promoting the potential for tourism, natural resources, culture, also business in the area of Jailolo, West Halmahera. For those of you who are interested in exploring deeper into the beauty of their natural habitat and culture, there will be a variety of fun events such as; spice parade, spice expo, taking a walk through the spice garden for the spice trip event, fishing contest, swimming contest, rowing contest, fun diving where you can participate in replanting corrals, Sigofi Ngolo sea ritual, also a cultural party by the beach to feast on traditional cuisines with the locals and grill 10 tons of fishes.

The theme for Teluk Jailolo Festival 2013 is The Treasure of Golden Spice Islands, and it is targeted to win two MURI (Indonesia’s Records Museum) titles in the cultural department, this is supported by the festival’s big closing show that will be performed on a stage built on top of the sea, titled Sasadu by the Sea. This drama musical and dance is the creation of Eko Supriyanto, Oleg Sanchabakhtiar, and Dimas Leimana.

Eko Supriyanto is a dancer and choreographer with a master degree in Fine Arts from UCLA, who had been learning the art of dancing and pencak silat since the early age of 7. His experience in the world of performance arts includes being one of Madonna’s background dancers, a consultant of Julie Taymor’s Lion King, and collaborated with a variety of A-list names from the entertainment world like Garin Nugroho, SLANK, and Peter Sellars.

Art director Oleg Sanchabakhtiar is a well-known name in the world of performance. His direction as artistic stylist in various art performance has gathered lots of compliments, one of them for the successfully established oriental themed cabaret.

Dimas Leimana, professional stage director, will also be hands-on for Sasadu by the Sea. His experiences in handling international scale events include musicians such as Mariah Carey, Bjork, and Beyonce shows his ability in managing finely and also professionally.

Sasadu on the Sea is elaborated for the division of each scene where each and every one of them contains a meaning, interpretation, message, and the hope to become an inspiration in achieving dreams for the younger generations also the society of West Halmahera. With professional direction, deep exploration and strong commitment, the art performances in Teluk Jailolo Festival 2013 is sure to be the awaited big bang finale of the night.